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Jumpstart September!


    It's the Ber months, start of the holidays. The season where most of us is anticipating. And we started September with participating in an event that everybody can enjoy. A week-long activity that helped people understand why Art is for Everyone.


Art for Everyone

     "Art for Everyone", with the theme itself shows how all of us can learn and enjoy art. With an event arranged by SM, the exhibit was held from August 27 to September 2 at SM City Cebu Art Center where everyone can appreciate the beauty of art. 


    Emottoons was invited to be one of the guest speakers to talk about 2D animation pipeline, a process on how animation is created. From pre-production till post-production; showcasing and sharing animation expertise. The talk was held on an open area in the mall where passersby can also listen and learn the steps taken in creating the cartoons that we love watching. What's more fun than learning art and sharing it?



What's coming


Animahenasyon Festival serves as a venue for Filipino animators to present their world-class ideas, to open doors of oppurtunities, and a chance for them to meet and be inspired by the finest names in the industry.


The event will be held on November and there will be an animation contest. Also, selected  animated works from around the world will be shown through partnerships with the different embassies  and cultural agencies.



Check out our previous activities... 

DENR7 Photoshop Workshop


     Graphics design has been most useful and widely used in creating wonderful art displays, commonly for business purposes. Photo editing, web and multimedia designing are some of what we can achieve with graphics design and application in making it have been very convenient. One of which more often used is Photoshop, a photo editing, image creation and graphic design software; which is why Emottoons in partnership with DENR conducted a workshop last August 23-24 for the staff members to understand more about graphics design and how learning to use Photoshop can be greatly beneficial. 


   The lecture focused on how collecting ideas and putting it into a graphical presentation using Photoshop can be easy. The team helped together and used their expertise assisting the employees on how to use the application. In the two day training, the DENR employees has now increased knowledge in utilizing Photoshop in creating graphics design, clearly outlining the goal of the workshop. 

Team Building in Samboan, Cebu


     Last July 7-8 was a perfect day for the team to have a very enjoyable weekend. After a very busy schedule, the team headed out to Samboan Cebu to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous nature. One of the places the team went to is Dao Falls where you can see the beautiful rock formations on the way to the falls itself. Ponong Lake was also part of the destination and don't forget the beautiful beaches with very clear waters. The team also built a campfire and created a stronger bond with each other.


    It was indeed a memorable weekend. The team did not only enjoy but also saw the nature as references for creating beautiful animation backgrounds. A very fun and productive team building!

SEE Cebu (Sugbo Entertainment Expo) 


      Artists and cosplayers have gathered to show their love for art, comics, games and animation. Booths were also held up to exhibit artworks by local artists .


     The SEE Cebu 2018 event was held last June 23-24 at Robinson Galleria. This is an annual event and one of the highlights of the convention is the cosplay and the very first Cebu Animation Contest wherein our very own Emottoons won 2nd and 3rd Place for the Professional category! 


Island Innovation Blast 


    The theme "To jumpstart the Sharing Economy" is the very first ever circular economy tech fair  in the country. Gathering together the best technologies and prototypes to spark a cycle of innovation and sharing from both tech and creative communities and academic institutions, a sharing economy aims to create pathways of efficiency and completed consumption through technology and creative activities. 


   The event was held last April 28-29 at Parkmall Mandaue where we were given a chance to showcase our works and we can offer. We even had a caricature for a local artist "Jewel" drawn by our very own Art Supervisor Sheen Ponce. How cool is that!

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